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Alchemist Books

A boutique publisher based in Hertfordshire, England, publishing contemporary novels which tell the story of mankind’s reconciliation with ultimate truth. Books of science fiction, artificial intelligence, and space gardening.

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“the true student will read between the lines and gain wisdom. If the light is in you, the light which is engraved in these tablets will respond.”
― Maurice Doreal, The Emerald Tablets of Thoth-The-Atlantean

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Canopy Harvest by Woody Hayday

War-torn, resource-stripped, pissed off. By 2045 man had all but burnt down his own house. The threat of environmental annihilation loomed, and so a machine was built.

Earth’s hostile land spat Willsith into space, hung-over and broken. War had trained him to fight, but when his younger brother died, he denounced it. Now, five years later, he finds himself managing a team of five, maintaining section 229 of ‘the great solution’: Earth’s Halo. This ring of carbon circles the globe in near space, acting as a giant solar panel, producing power for Earth’s regeneration. It’s also a jump-point to Mars, and a damned rock-magnet.

But stray rocks are the least of Willsith’s worries.

When 229 uncover information about the ring administration, Control, they find themselves destined for lobotomised slavery on the new Mars city, Tacern. Willsith is left no option but to lead an escape.

Battling through the biggest machine ever made, to escape into unknown space, Willsith struggles to overcome a lifetime of violence in order to free his friends, and to save the Earth from a new kind of terror.

Canopy Harvest - Science Fiction Novel 2016 by Woody Hayday

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